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Green Policy

Green Policy

Our Green Statement
"In keeping with a strong corporate and ethic Jazz recognizes the need for a responsible environmental attitude. As such Jazz endeavours to reduce their environmental footprint through the use of UV and water based inks and recycling materials wherever possible"

Our Green Policy
At Jazz we strive to minimize any potential harm to the environment. Over recent years we have moved away from harsh solvents to the new hi-tech eco-solvent and UV inks.

The move to a complete digital manufacturing plant has enable Jazzprint to "move with the times" and provide an increase in products and service levels with less environmental impact.

All digital plant and machinery use Eco-cartridge Inks. The cartridge system is designed to protect the operator and also facilitate recycling. This reduces the need for solvent "dumping". Cartridge inks are more users friendly to operators, reducing the exposure of harsh solvents on the skin, eyes, and in the factory air.

We offer and encourage our customers to use "green" papers and substrates. These are manufactured from renewable supplies and are recycled and available re-use. All synthetic substrate waste from within the factory is separated and recycled.