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Team Players

Team Players

Just like you.. we believe in our brand .. and it's only as good as the people behind the name.

Jazz recognises the contribution it's staff make in delivering quality work and their role in working with YOUR BRAND


Rebecca Walden
Customer Service Manager
P 09 259 1718 FAX 09 259 1701
April Knight
Real Estate Customer Service
DDI 09 259 1704 FAX 09 259 1701
Jo Marsh 
Real Estate Relationship Manager M 021 062 4215 DDI    09 259 1706
Leah Winiata
Reception & Customer Service
P 09 259 1700 FAX 09 259 1701
Shannen Hill
Corporate Sales Support
DDI 09 259 1711 FAX 09 159 2701
Kayleen Martin
Business Development Manager - Automotive 
M 021 881 407 DDI 09 259 1712
Newmarket & Auckland Counties
  Kayleen has exceled in “sales” in a variety of industries for over 25 years.  
Her clients have always considered her to look after them with genuine interest and integrity, with a strong focus on building long term mutually beneficial relationships. Kayleen’s key objectives include partnering with her clients as a solution and service oriented provider.
Simon Pollock
Automotive Account Manager
M 021 489 773 DDI 09 259 1713 Auckland, West Auckland & North Shore to Northland Area
Shenaye Martin
Automotive Account Manager
M 021 476 624 DDI 09 259 1707
John Harrison
Automotive Account Manager
M 021 489 717 PH 09 259 1714
South Island & Wellington Areas
  John has had 25 years experiences in supplying Automotive Dealerships with branding and P.O.S. His clients value his direct and accurate assessment of their requirements, ensuring a first time solution every time.
Steven Blackmore
Corporate Account Manager
M 021 589 465 DDI 09 259 1710
Melanie Thomas
Brand Manager
M 021 411 067 P 09 259 1700
Andrew Kurth
Structural Packaging Designer
M 022 064 6044 DDI 09 259 1710
James De Castro
Digital Production Manager
M 021 489 510 P 09 259 1700 ext 721
Shane Hetherington
Production Manager
M 021 266 55 44 DDI 09 259 1705
  Shane did his apprenticeship as a Screen Printer at Taylor Grey in the 1980s. He has 30 years experience in the printing industry even winning a Supreme Award for Australasia for a 36 colour job in screen. He has worked for Jazz for nearly 12 years and he now controls all manufacturing (both Digital and Screen) to ensure accurate QC and delivery on all jobs.
Junarta Sugiarto
Art & Pre-press Manager
P 09 259 1700 Ext 720
  Junarta has worked for Jazz since 2004 and he is the studio manager of the Art and Pre-press department. He completed his Bachelor of Art in visual communication degree from Trisakti University Jakarta, back in 1997 and had 8 years experience in graphic design for well-known international brands in Indonesia before he moved permanently to New Zealand.
Gordana Naskovska
DDI 09 259 1716
  Gordana is our “In house” Accountant. She is a skilled Accounting Technician and Financial Controller and manages all aspects of Jazz accounts receivable and payable. Her experience stretches from medium size businesses to large international corporates
Brett Neill
M 021 494 216 DDI 09 259 1702
  Brett is the founding Director, establishing the company in 1975. He retains an overview of all aspects of the company including efficiency, administration and strategic development.
He is also available at any time to discuss the next business opportunity for your business.
John Siebert
M 021 439 274 DDI 09 259 1703
  A Director since 1989 John knows every aspect of Jazz from front to back. He currently represents the Jazz in all Real Estate business relationships providing the link which “makes it work for both parties”.
John remains active in sales and is available at all times to direct and facilitate your business needs.