Our Team

Just like you, we believe in our brand.

And it is only as good as the people behind the name. JAZZ recognises the contribution it's staff make in delivering quality work and their role in working alongside your brand.

Rob Treacher

Automotive Account Manager
DDI 09 259 1712
MOB 021 881 407

Rob’s wealth of experience and expertise in the print industry spans decades. Dedicated to not only delivering quality service, Rob also delivers confidence at all levels with his demonstrated history working in the print, marketing and advertising industries.

Susan Johnston

Automotive Account Manager
DDI 09 259 1707
MOB 021 476 624

Susan is our Automotive Account Manager and the go-to contact for the following areas for Automotive:
South Auckland/Manukau, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay
Taranaki, Manawatu, Wellington

Annabel Judd

Automotive & Corporate Account Manager
MOB 027 237 4236

Annabel is our Automotive & Corporate Account Manager based in Christchurch. Annabel looks after both our current and potential South Island customers.

Florencia Morris

Customer Services
DDI 09 259 1713

Flo has a proven background in customer service and sales support. Flo helps across the business to ensure all jobs run smoothly from the get go and assists our sales team in providing our clients with a professional service and a great customer experience.

Karl Sciascia

Automotive Sales Manager
DDI 09 259 1719
MOB 021 479 903

Karl has over 20 years in corporate branding, events and the display markets. A key strength is his ability to communicate across all levels of business. With an unyielding customer focus, his experience and solution based approach delivers innovative ideas & visual presence to our Automotive team.

Michelle Forte

Real Estate Customer Service
DDI 09 259 1700

Real Estate Customer Service

Paige Barry

Real Estate Customer Service
DDI 09 259 1717

Real Estate Customer Service

Ivanya Sakisi

Real Estate Customer Service
DDI 09 259 1706

Real Estate Customer Service

Verona Cooper

Real Estate Division Manager
DDI 09 259 1718
MOB 021 494 214

Verona has returned to Jazz Print to take up the role of managing the Real Estate department here at Jazz.

Steven Blackmore

Corporate Account Manager
DDI 09 259 1710
MOB 021 589 465

Steven is our Corporate Account Manager.

Jeet Singh

Production Manager
DDI 09 259 1721
MOB 021 489 510

Digital Production Manager

Joe Embling

Senior Digital Operator and Digital Technical Assistant
P 09 259 1700 Ext 729

Senior Digital Operator and Digital Technical Assistant

Junarta Sugiarto

Art & Pre-press Manager
P 09 259 1700 Ext 720

Junarta has worked for Jazz since 2004 and he is the studio manager of the Art and Pre-press department. He completed his Bachelor of Art in visual communication degree from Trisakti University Jakarta, back in 1997 and had 8 years experience in graphic design for well-known international brands in Indonesia before he moved permanently to New Zealand.

Gordana Naskovska

DDI 09 259 1716

Gordana is our “In house” Accountant. She manages all aspects of Jazz accounts receivable and payable. Please phone Gordana for any Accounting requests.

Brett Neill

DDI 09 259 1702
MOB 021 494 216

Brett is the founding Director, establishing Jazz Print in 1975.
He retains an overview of all aspects of the company including efficiency, administration and strategic development. He is also available at any time to discuss the next business opportunity for your business.