Graphic Design

We understand the total "Brand Experience" and work closely with the clients and sales teams, to ensure brand equity is mantained and guidelines are met and adhered to. Jazz has an experienced Art and Pre-press department, utilizing the latest design software and CAD technology using PC base platforms, including Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Draw, Artios Cad, GMG Colour Management.

Editable Artwork File Specifications (PC):

If we are editing your artwork files then the following file formats are preferable:

  • JPEG
  • Camera RAW
  • TIFF

Vector Line Artwork:

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop (full size at 150dpi or equivalent scale; ie. Half Size at 300dpi)
  • CorelDRAW

*All links used for the artwork must be embedded in the document or supplied in a seperate folder named 'Links'. Text converted to curves. If a text change is required, please attach the PC format fonts.

Text (Copy):

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • TXT file

If you are providing artwork as a print ready file: PDF is our preferred file format.

PDF should have the following press settings:

  • 3mm bleed for
  • 10mm bleed for any artwork at SRA3 - SRA1. Marks offset 10mm.
  • 20mm bleed for any artwork at SRA1 - 3m (w/h).
  • 50mm bleed for any artwork at >3m (w/h) and all size hemmed Banners.
  • All colours for traditional screen printing should be PMS colours.
  • All colours for digital output should be composite CMYK
  • No RGB images.
  • All fonts embedded 9or all fonts converted to outline/curves).
  • Die-lines, folds, perforations should be set as spot colour values named as each of these three in different layers. Do not use broken lines for die-lines and creases.
  • Tiff and JPEG files provided at full size 150dpi or equivalent scale; ie. half size at 300dpi.
  • Applications other than Photoshop should not be used to colour correct or adjust image quality.
  • Make sure the overprints are turned off. No transparency please.

If in doubt supply us with the image as a separate file as well as the artwork PDF.