Print Process

HP Scitex FB7600
Industrial Press

Achieve quick ROI with more digital printing opportunities. The ability to print on a wide variety of media up to 25 mm thick expands your business. Workflow enhancements increase productivity and reduce effort. HP Scitex Print Care maximizes uptime.

Canon 7000VP
Up to 1200x1200dpi

Canon will redefine itself, once again, as the leader in high-end color with a level of quality that rivals offset printing. The press will print images up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, producing sharp text, smooth gradations, and crystal clear, detailed images. The new developing, toner, and advanced calibration technologies provide outstanding color that remains consistent throughout each job.

DYE Sublimation CS2000

The flag making system machine works with dye sublimation ink and fabrics. This system includes two units, the printer and the heater. The printer prints the image directly into `the` fabrics with the sublimation ink, and the heater, heats uniformly the prints until they become brilliant; there is no need of sublimated paper. Printing and dye sublimation is a continuous process, the machine prints and heats the flags to get a finish product in a faster way.

Mimaki JV33-130

The Mimaki JV33 Evolution series offer state-of-the-art inkjet technology, which makes enhanced high quality and high speed/performance a reality. It is an affordable, high performance, multi-functional solvent inkjet printer.