What is BrandPro


BrandPro is a division of Auckland Packaging Company Ltd. It is a website designed for the benefit of companies to offer their Brand approved products and services online.

Only your approved products will be displayed. These products are not restricted to Jazz products. You can also include other suppliers’ products and services.

BRANDPRO Functions:

BrandPro has Interactive Functions which will enable you to edit minor detail e.g. names, phone numbers and branch details while retaining the uneditable portion of your Brand and Logo. All editable text will be strictly to Brand standards (text style and size).  

This is used for simple products like Business cards and product specific signage.

 It can also create more complex products such as DLEs, Trifolds, multi- page brochures, and booklets all within you pre-determined Brand layout. Photos and files can be inserted into the brochure or uploaded and attached to the order notification.

How to:

Add Favorites

Simply click on the Heart in left of the individual product you wish to add.

You can also add a whole level of products by selecting the panel and clicking “add to favorites” on top right-hand side.

Request Membership

You must click on Request membership and complete the details in the email form.

Your account number is your existing Jazz Print ltd account number on your invoice and statements.

If you do not yet have an account an application will be sent to you.

(You can request membership and pay using secure DPS online).

Enter the group you belong to e.g. Toyota - Harcourts or Company Group.

This will enable the Group Branded approved products to be presented when you login.

You will be sent a Username and Password.

The password can be changed - see user information section.